Coaching & Organisational Development

Coaching &
Organisational Development

We pride ourselves on providing value-add services that create tangible outcomes for our clients. We provide consulting services related to Organisational Change and Transformation, Cultural Health Checks, Team Development, High Performance Coaching and Group Facilitation. We also provide workshops in Design Thinking to enliven practice and encourage creativity and innovation.

Our team of creative change practitioners and executive coaches combine contemporary business know-how with human-centric processes to deliver tailor-made, impactful, and innovative programs that have proven, time and again, to achieve demonstrable results.


Our consultants have a depth of experience across a wide variety of industries including government and not-for-profit organisations and the private sector.


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Organisational Development

Organisational Development

In the dynamic world in which we live, leading business organisations are coming to realise that rapid, massive change is not only possible, but imperative to surviving and thriving. Creating change and performance improvement is an essential part of every leader’s job.

At PCI, we appreciate this challenge and see our role as helping our clients generate organisational change and development through genuine engagement, collaboration, inspiration, and passionate creativity. 

Our OD capabilities include:

  • Organisational change and transformation

  • Organisational restructure

  • Strategic and business planning

  • Business process re-engineering

  • Cultural change programs

  • Culture health checks

  • Cross-functional team collaboration

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Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

In this fast-moving world, nurturing and growing leaders who can think strategically and navigate the unknown effectively and have the skills to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align and learn is imperative to continued success.


With extensive experience as an educator and facilitator, Dr Holly Dinh along with our team of coaches and OD practitioners can design and deliver leadership development and executive coaching programs that are focused on:

  • Developing/enhancing self-awareness to help individuals get clarity about their personal leadership attributes and qualities;

  • Developing skills in leading and managing others;

  • Developing advanced problem solving, decision making and critical thinking skills;

  • Enhancing communication skills; and

  • Creating deep understanding about the qualities of high performance and learn the behaviours, skills, and tools that will enable them to build and lead high performing teams.


PCI has successfully delivered many leadership programs in some of Australia’s largest public and private sector organisations.  Our most notable and long-running program is the Future Leadership Program with Lend Lease (Vic) that is designed to nurture and grown high potential managers into future leaders of the organisation through an Action Learning framework. 


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Alliance Coaching

Alliance Coaching

PCI has been coach and trusted advisor on some of Australia largest and most complex projects. We have extensive experience in coaching alliances and project teams to create high performance. When engaged by fully-formed alliances/project teams, we:

  • Work with the leadership team to craft a Peak Performance Plan that gives shape and purpose to coaching activities;

  • Provide advice and facilitation on key project development activities including alignment on commercial targets, TOC development, and organisational design;

  • Coach teams and individuals for optimum performance; and

  • Help create a one-team achievement-focused culture.

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