PCI Publications

D&C without tears: Smart collaboration in risk-transfer contracts

In this paper, PCI draws on their experience and a real case study to explain how parties to a risk-transfer or “hard money” contract can cooperate effectively even though their enterprise encounters challenges which will cause one party to ‘win’ at the other’s expense. This paper outlines a range of measures to establish and maintain an environment of ‘smart collaboration’ in such agreements. If such collaboration can be achieved then risk-transfer without tears is a possibility.

An overview of Collaborative Contracting

In this paper Jim Ross, Jim Dingwall and Dr Holly Dinh draw on their experience with complex procurements around the globe, with special focus on collaborative contracting in Australia, and explore four interrelated ‘dimensions’ that influence how people behave in contractual relationships.

ECI: A practical Overview

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) has gained momentum since its first Australian application in Queensland in 2005 and it is clear from discussions with industry participants that this form of contract demonstrates the continued influence of collaboration on infrastructure delivery models. This article shares the experience of ECI pioneers in Australia, the Queensland Department of Transport and MainRoads (TMR), as well as insights from PCI Founder, Jim Ross (one of the ‘fathers’ of alliancing and collaboration).

Generic form of Project Development Agreement (PDA)

Suitable for use as a stand-alone agreement to cover the Project Development Phase of an alliance. Companion to PCI’s generic form of Project Execution Agreement.

Generic form of Project Execution Agreement (PEA)

Suitable for use as a stand-alone agreement to cover the Project Execution Development Phase of an alliance, suitable for either single TOC or dual TOC processes. Companion to PCI’s generic form of Project Development Agreement.

Gainshare/Painshare Regime Guidance Paper with sample model/drafting

Practical guidance with worked examples on how to design and document a simple and effective Gainshare/Painshare regime for an alliance

Alliance Contracting in Australia: A brief introduction

This article gives a brief overview of alliance contracting as practised in Australia and aims to provide insights that may help those who wish to learn and/or draw from the Australian alliance experience.

Alliancing fad or fixture?

Written for the Leighton Magazine in June 2007, this article considered if the enthusiasm for alliancing at that time was just a fad or if it genuinely reflected the power of an alliance model to deliver value for money?

Introduction to project alliancing

This is the final update in the legendary suite of papers by Jim Ross. Those papers set out to explain what project alliancing is and how it works in practice, give insights into the factors that drive the kind of success that has been achieved on alliance projects and dispel some of the more common myths about project alliancing.