Other Articles

The five minds of a manager

In this article, leading academics, Gosling and Mintzberg, outline the 5 mind-sets framework that underpins effective management performance. PCI draws on this framework to inform the design of many of our leadership development programs.

Teaching smart people how to learn

In this article, Chris Argyris, discusses a dilemma that every company faces and which, more often than not, leads to their demise: the smartest people find it the hardest to learn. It it therefore vital that organisational development programs focus on developing double-loop learning and critical thinking as vital leadership skills. This is the premise on which much of PCI’s coaching and organisational change work is built.

Infrastructure procurement routemap (UK): A guide to improving delivery capability

This paper aims to support UK public and private sector infrastructure providers optimise the delivery environment for projects by providing a structured approach to assessing and improving sponsor, client, and supply chain capability and integration, in order to match these to the needs of the project and remove inefficiencies in procurement.

Towards a project Alliance value for money framework

Authored by Charles MacDonald in collaboration with D. Walker and N. Moussa, this paper aims to present and describe a value for money framework that can be used on alliance projects to improve the consideration of, and reporting of, value for money.

National alliance contracting guidelines: Guidance note 5, Developing the target outturn cost in alliance contracting

The purpose of this guidance note is to provide consistent and leading practice guidance on TOC development in alliance contracting to government departments and agencies that develop and own infrastructure projects. This guidance note should assist public officials using alliance contracting to ensure value for money outcomes through the TOC development process as set out in Chapter 5 of the Guide to Alliance Contracting.